Put Your Voice in a Pot; Pour It Out When Done

Remember those cartoons you watched as a child, where people would be speaking in a snowstorm or on a bitter cold day, and their voices would freeze, and they’d have to take them home to thaw out the words out to hear what they’d said?

Well, today, “freezing” your voice for later has a new twist. It’s not a tape recorder, but something more fun: it’s a teapot recorder. Called ‘Otopot,’ the device lets you store and then pour away your voice like water.


It’s a simple, and captivating, idea.

To begin a recording, you simply remove the lid on the pot. You can then record up to a minute-long message.  You could serve the rechargeable pot alongside your significant other’s cup of coffee in the morning, or place one on a child’s nightstand after he or she falls asleep at night so they have an uplifting message to greet them in the morning. Imagine your voice flowing like water…

Once the recording is heard, the recipient can listen to it repeatedly simply by removing the lid. When it’s time to erase the message, one simply tips the pot as if pouring out water and the recording vanishes. The pot can only hold one recording at a time, so it becomes a fun way to hold a very unusual form of conversation.

Sure, it’s a simple matter to leave a sticky-note message for a loved one or family member, but how much more appealing would a voice memo be, complete with verbally conveyed emotions?

Click here to see how to use the James Dyson Award-winning Otopot, and the components of the talking water jug.


Understanding that people might like to send clever messages in something other than a pot, the designers created a removable ‘Otopot core,’ which can be placed inside a birthday box or any other object with a lid.

“OTOPOT” was nominated for a grand prix and awarded 2 sponsor prizes at GUGEN 2014 (a largest competition of original electrical hardware in Japan).

Currently, the student inventors, Takeshi Katayama and Shota Kumiji, are finishing up their studies but say they plan to launch the concept via a crowdfunding campaign later this year.

Will it change the world? Likely not. Will it captivate the imagination of creative types and lovers? I would think so. It would also lead to misuse, I would think, to send mean messages instead of loving memos. In that case, I would suggest the name StinkPot.

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