I have been a student of science and technology since I was a little girl following my dad in his chores around the house, yard, and garage, listening with fascination as he answered my seemingly endless stream of questions: Why do you do that? What happens if you do this? I learned the hard way about centrifugal force and opposite, and equal, reaction. I learned why Nature abhors a vacuum, and not just because, like me, she didn’t like to clean house.

As I got older, I thrived in science classes, and read science books during the summer, so I wouldn’t “lose my edge.”

In college, I decided I would become a technical writer, and I became one after graduate school, first writing about geophysics, geology, and environmental sciences for the petroleum exploration industry, and later writing about the new-fangled personal computers (yes, I learned MS-DOS commands, and completely erased my computer the first time I ever entered the “Del *.*” command, thinking I was erasing all of my documents, and learning the hard way to always answer “N” when the computer prompted “Are you sure?” in response to one of my commands).

Later, I ghostwrote articles for doctors and researchers for science and medical magazines, on subjects ranging from Lasix surgery to meniscus replacement to tinnitus.

I am still a student of science and technology. And, thus, this blog, wherein I will regurgitate much of the reading I do about our Brave New World, in the belief that once we fall behind in technology, we have a hell of time catching up.

I am not a researcher. None of the information contained here is my own. It is all simply reported for your enlightenment and entertainment. Enjoy!


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